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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in New Braunfels

Improve your SELF DEFENSE skill with us!

One of the most critical skills to have as a woman is the ability to defend yourself. We believe Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has proven to be the most effective method of self-defense, where a smaller person can truly defeat a larger and stronger opponent. We hope you never have to apply the techniques we teach, but we believe it is much better to be fully prepared than defenseless!

Get an amazing WORKOUT!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the best workouts on the planet, because you can set your own pace and increase the intensity to fit where you're at in your fitness journey. Whether you're looking to get your body back into shape or take your fitness to the next level, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will help you exceed your personal goals at a pace you can sustain!

Build CONFIDENCE and have fun too!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the best confidence-builders ever! You will get a workout, will build awareness and confidence in yourself. There's something about training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu together that changes strangers into friends. If you're looking to meet other like-minded women and build confidence together, there is no better sport to do that than ours. Iron sharpens iron!

Train with WOMEN!

We have classes that are limited to women only, and we also have general classes in which everyone is welcome to train together. Our instructors specialize in women's self defense. With our women's only classes as a specialized option for you, you can give it a try in the environment you feel most comfortable.

We would LOVE to meet you!

Come try a free class, check out our schedule to see if it fits with yours, or give us a call to answer your burning questions!

Casual & New People Are Welcome!

It is our joy to work with you wherever you start! No experience is necessary to get started! We'll help you accomplish your goals and support you through your BJJ journey!

Day, Evening, & Weekend Classes Available!

We have options for evening and daytime training, plus a special discounted rate for women-only classes – At our academy, we welcome you to learn in the environment that makes you feel most comfortable!

Gi & No Gi Veterans Learn Advanced Skills!

Every belt color is represented at our gym. Our instructors are all seasoned competitors, so you will find the instruction to be top notch! We don't teach it unless we can do it to you when rolling! 😉

Are you looking for a place to call HOME?

If you read this, it is going to try to convince you to get in and try a class. What you will learn is the way we look at BJJ, how we train, and what we value as an academy.

We train SMART!

The smartest thing you can do on these mats are to remember that you're training with friends. While training on the mats, we follow and enforce our cardinal rule:

The #1 rule: PROTECT your training partner!

We're not here to get hurt, but let's be real — this sport is about bending limbs the wrong way and folding clothes with the people still inside. It's dangerous if you're not protecting yourself and your training partner! If your partner gets a good submission, we're going to teach you to eat humble pie and tap out. If you get a good position on a training partner that should tap but isn't, we're going to teach you to protect them from themselves and find another way to advance position instead of hurting them. Regardless of your belt rank, the bottom line is we want you and your teammates to come back tomorrow and keep training, injury free!


We absolutely love rolling! If you're new to this sport, we'll ease you into it, but we'll encourage you to start rolling on your first class ("rolling" is the BJJ equivalent of "sparring"). For the folks that have trained at another place (or a few, like us), we understand what it feels like to try out a new academy. We'll welcome you with smiles, regardless of your belt color. We want you to push yourself, we want you to get into better shape, and we want you to feel comfortable rolling hard, knowing that we're training to get better together!

We train WITH our family!

We love to train, together. We train with our family, including our kids (the coaches have a lot of kids). Our students are also treated as friends, and honestly feel like family, too — there is nothing more unifying than working out together in BJJ.

Competitors are WELCOME!

Some of you reading this are competitors looking for a place to train hard. We love getting after it on the mats! If you're one of those folks that have lots of grappling experience or just want an academy that will turn you into a competitor, join us!

We would LOVE to meet you!

Come try a free class, check out our schedule to see if it fits with yours, or give us a call to answer your burning questions!


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in New Braunfels

Hear From Our Students

Don't just take our word for it – Get first-hand experiences from some of our parents and students. There may be squeals of joy in the kids' videos so mind your volume first 😆

Our Training Facility

New Braunfels Jiu Jitsu boasts a 3,500+ sq. ft. facility with over 2,500 sq. ft. of mat space. We have amazing cooling systems including 2 air conditioning units and a large central fan that keeps the place cool no matter the heat outside! We also have a dedicated seating area for parents or significant others to watch the classes, and we have kid-friendly areas that older kids can use while their parents are taking classes!

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BJJ Training Space 4
BJJ Training Space 1
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Our Schedule

New Braunfels Jiu Jitsu has a women's self defense class from 8:00 – 9:00am every Saturday, and many other general classes you are welcome to attend! See our full class schedule below.

Ryan Grandon Black Belt NAGA Winner

Meet Our Instructor

Professor Ryan Grandon is a 2nd degree Black Belt under Jake Mapes, and a 4th generation Black Belt in Rickson Gracie's lineage. He is undefeated at the Black Belt level. He is a father of four and remains one of the friendliest humans on the planet.


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3919 IH 35 S Unit 115,
New Braunfels, TX 78132

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